Wednesday Schedule


8:30 AM Registration Opens
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
Leadership Keynote Speaker – Mr. Bob Pearce
Technical Keynote Speaker – Dr. Pete Parker
10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM

Darryl Ahner
Testing Autonomous Systems

David Edwards
Design of Screening Experiments with Partial Replication

Blaza Toman
What is Bayesian Design

Session Chair: Ray Hill

Jim Simpson
Test Science Synergies for Complex Systems Test Events: Designed Experiments and Automated Software Test

Eric Greenwood
Building a Universal Helicopter Noise Model Using Machine Learning

Tina Heinich
Using Ensemble Methods and Physiological Sensor Data to Predict Pilot Cognitive State

Session Chair: Deborah Busby

Mr. Randy Griffiths
Creating Shiny Apps in R for Shared Automated Statistical Products
Mr. Pat Whitcomb
Determination of Power for Complex Experimental Design
12:00 PM Lunchtime Keynote Speaker – Dr. Marcey Hoover
1:00 PM Break
1:15 PM Timothy McLean
CYBER Penetration Testing and Statistical Analysis in DT&E

Shawn Whetstone
Methods for Evaluating the Quality of Cybersecurity Defenses

Soumyo Moitra
Metrics to Characterize Temporal Patterns in Lifespans of Artifacts

Session Chair: Jim Simpson

Tom West
Uncertainty Quantification with Mixed Uncertainty Sources

Ben Phillips
System Level Uncertainty Quantification for Low-Boom Supersonic Flight Vehicles

John Schaefer
Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis at The Boeing Company

Session Chair: Eric Walker

Dr. Stephanie Lane
Statistics Boot Camp

Contributed Session

Peter Chien

Christopher Drake

Kyle Gartrell

Erik Axdahl & Robert A. Baurle

Eli Golden

Erika Taketa

2:45 PM Break
3:00 PM

Karin Butler
Interface Design for Analysts in a Data and Analysis-rich Environment

Kerstan Cole
Asparagus is the Most Articulate Vegetable Ever

Kathryn Ballard
Mitigating Pilot Disorientation with Synthetic Vision Displays

Session Chair: Justin Newcomber

Ray McCollum
Single Event Upset Predication for the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment Autonomous Instrument

Heather Wojton
Development of an Instrument to Measure Trust of Automated Systems

Sara Wilson
Operational Evaluation of a Flight-deck Software Application

Session Chair: Chad Bieber

Dr. Matthew Avery,
Dr. Stephanie Lane,
Dr. Tyler Morgan-Wall,
Dr. Jason Sheldon,
Dr. Benjamin Ashwell & Dr. Kevin Kirshenbaum
Evolving Statistical Tools

Contributed Session

William Romine

Brian Chell

Brian Stone

Caleb King

Jasme Lee

Melissa Jablonski

4:45 PM

Kelly Avery
Comparing M&S Output to Live Test Data: A Missile System Case Study

Session Chair: Keyla Pagan-Rivera

Shelley Cazares
NASA’s Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA): An Analog┬áMission for Isolation, Confinement, and Remote Conditions in Space Exploration Scenarios

Session Chair: Kenneth Johnson

Dan Telford
Lessons Learned in Reliability

Session Chair: Heather Wojton

Jim Wisnowski
Design and Analysis of Nonlinear Models for the Mars 2020 Rover

Session Chair: Jim Simpson

5:30 PM Poster Session