Thursday Schedule


8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:30 AM
9:00 AM

Leadership Keynote Speaker – Mr. Robert Behler
Technical Keynote Speaker – Dr. Mark Lewis

9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM Luis Cortes
Classes of Second-Order Split-Plot Designs

Stargel Doane
The Development and Execution of Split-Plot Designs in Navy Operational Test and Evaluation: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Stuart Corbett & Joseph Maloney
 B-52 Radar Modernization Test Design Considerations

Session Chair: David Webb

Ken Toro
Experimental Design of a Unique Force Measurement System Calibration

Matt Rhode & Matt Bailey
Application of Design of Experiments to a calibration of the National Transonic Facility

Rebecca Rought
The Use of DOE vs OFAT in the Calibration of AEDC Wind Tunnel

Session Chair: Eric Walker

Mr. Paul Johnson
Operational Testing of Cyber Systems
Dr. Alyson Wilson
Demystifying Data Science
12:00 PM Lunchtime Keynote Speaker – Dr. Antonio Possolo
1:00 PM Break
1:15 PM

Andrew Christian
Initial Investigation into the Psychoacoustic Properties of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Noise

Cynthia Null
Combining Human Factors Data and Models of Human Performance

Daniel Porter
A Multi-Method, Triangulation Approach to Operational Testing

Session Chair: Alyson Wilson

Donald Carlucci
Illustrating the Importance of Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) in Munitions Modeling

Roshan Vengazhiyil
Space-Filling Designs for Robustness Experiments

Peter Chien
Introduction of Uncertainty Quantification and Industry Challenges

Session Chair: Douglas Ray

Dr. Jane Pinelis
Introduction to Observational Studies
Dr. Ron Fricker
Quality Control and Statistical Process Control
2:45 PM Break
3:00 PM

Kristina Carter
The Effect of Extremes in Small Sample Size on Simple Mixed Models: A Comparison of Level-1 and Level-2 Size

Amy Braverman
Evaluating Deterministic Models of Time Series by Comparison to Observations

Ken Johnson
Challenger Challenge: Pass-Fail Thinking Increases Risk Measurably

Session Chair: Daniel Porter

J. Derek Tucker
Doppler Assisted Sensor Fusion for Tracking and Exploitation

Cliff Anderson-Bergman
XPCA: A Copula-based Generalization of PCA for Ordinal Data

Andrew Flack
Insights, Predictions, and Actions: Descriptive Definitions of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Justin Newcomber

Dr. Geoff Vining
Robust Parameter Design
Dr. Jim Filliben
Exploratory Data Analysis
4:30 PM Closing Remarks – Mr. Dave Duma